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What is a Dietitian/Nutritionist?

Registered Dietitians are regulated health care professionals with expertise in food and nutrition.  

According to Dietitians of Canada,

Dietitians empower their patients, clients, and communities to embrace food, to understand it, and to enjoy it. The advice and information they provide is tailored to their clients and patients personal needs and challenges, including taste and accessibility. They translate the science of nutrition into terms everyone can understand to support healthy living for all Canadians. You may not know it, but dietitians are everywhere. Whether collaborating with other healthcare professionals, undertaking scientific research, driving innovation in the food industry, informing public policy, or working with patients and communities across the country, our influence runs deep and it continues to grow. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

E-transfer or credit/debit card payment.

How many consultations will I need?

The number of consultations you'll need depends on your individual goals, needs, and the time you require to implement changes. Typically, clients begin by scheduling sessions weekly, bi-weekly, or every three weeks. As you progress, we can adjust the frequency based on your preferences and the support you feel you need.

Will my health insurance cover Nutritionist services?

A receipt with a description of the nutrition services and my Registered Dietitian license number will be provided for insurance. However, whether the nutrition services rendered by me are covered depends on individual insurance coverage. Please check with your insurance provider beforehand if you are concerned about coverage. The Canada Revenue Agency recognizes a Registered Dietitian as an 'Authorized Medical Practitioner' so you can also claim the fees paid to a Registered Dietitian, or the amount not covered by private insurers, as a medical expense on your Canadian Income Tax return.

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