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Change the way you see food.

Hi, I'm Olivia Carone!

I am a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, holding a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Dietetics from McGill University. 

My goal is to make your journey with food easierWhether you’re seeking help with your relationship with food, digestive problems, chronic disease management, sports nutrition or general health, I will work with you to plan and execute a strategy that works for you. I do not believe in dieting because it doesn't work! I am a weight-neutral dietitian as well as an anti-diet dietitian.


I will work with you to provide individualized, well-researched, and sustainable behaviour changes that are realistic to your lifestyle and enable you to achieve your objectives.

Heal Your Relationship With Food
Establish Healthy Habits
Shift Your Focus From Weight to Well Being
Manage Chronic Conditions / Deficiencies
Regulate Digestive Issues
Improve Sport/Gym Performance

Eating shouldn't be something we have to constantly be thinking about.

"Olivia is an excellent dietician. She is kind, thoughtful, and really up to date on the latest nutrition science. I think she would be an excellent choice for anyone because she draws from so many different areas of knowledge. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a dietician who is well-versed in intuitive eating methodologies. Thanks for being great, Olivia!"

-RH, Google Reviews

"Olivia was an amazing nutritionist. She really understood the struggles of having an unhealthy relationship with food, and gave me the tools I needed to overcome it. I feel so much better in my body now, eating the foods I love and not thinking about food ALL the time. I really appreciate our meetings."

-GP, Google Reviews

"I had to consult a nutritionist following a new medical condition. I received excellent service from Olivia. Very professional and supportive. Thanks!"

-FT, Google Reviews

"...Olivia has helped me with my eating disorder in such a compassionate and caring way. I was very weary to speak about my eating disorder to a nutritionist for fear that I would be judged or lectured about my eating habits. However, I quickly became trustful of Olivia; she proved to be very knowledgeable about eating disorders and was very kind and gentle in her approach. I felt that I was in the driver’s seat of my journey towards being kind to and respectful of my body, while she was gently guiding me from the passenger seat. She gave me strength and hope that this was something I could overcome... I do not feel ashamed of myself nor of my past behaviour anymore. I have learned so much from her; she destroyed a lot of myths I had about eating and normalized many eating habits I thought were « bad ». I feel very blessed and glad to have met and worked with her."

-FK, Google Reviews

1303 Greene Ave Suite 305, Westmount, QC


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